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Signs and symptoms you’re infected with scabies

Signs and symptoms you're infected with scabies

Before we go on to list the signs and symptoms of scabies, I’ll like us to understand the word scabies. Scabies is a skin infestation caused by a mite known as the Sarcoptes scabiei. Note that this mite are not visible to the naked eyes. Untreated, these microscopic mites can live on your skin for months. They reproduce on the surface of your skin and then burrow into it and lay eggs. This causes itching, and a red like rashes on the skin.

Signs and Symptoms

To identify if you’re suffering from scabies, these signs and symptoms will tell you.

Itchy Skin is the number one sign of scabies, if you are experiencing itching all over your body, or in specific areas of your body, mostly at night, or anytime of the day, and you see a pimple like rash on your skin, you can be sure it’s scabies. It mostly affect areas like;

Genitals, waist, thighs, knees, inbetween your fingers, armpits, buttocks.

The ways scabies can be transmitted from one person to another is through, handshake, hugs, through sex as well, even though it’s not a Sexually transmitted diseases (STD), it can be said to be transmitted through sex, since body contact has to be made while performing it. Note; scabies is not a death sentence it can be treated.


Scabies treatment involves eliminating the infestation with medications. Several creams and lotions are available with a doctor’s prescription.

Your doctor will likely ask you to apply the medication to your whole body, from the neck down, and leave the medication on for at least eight to 10 hours. Some treatments require a second application, and treatments need to be repeated if new burrows and a rash appear.

Because scabies spreads so easily, your doctor will likely recommend treatment for all household members and other close contacts, even if they show no signs of scabies infestation.Medications commonly prescribed for scabies include:

Benzyl Benzoate; it’s in form of cream, you are to apply it immediately after taking your bath.

Ivermectin 4mg; this is to be taken orally, as prescribed by your doctor.

Permethrin cream; it is also to be applied on the body, from the neck down to the sole of your feet.

There are other products of scabies treatment, we just mentioned a few.

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