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Emergency tools every car owner should have.

Emergency tools every car owner should have

What comes to mind when a topic on emergency car tools is mentioned is, Spare tire, Jack, wheel spanner, triangle, and fire extinguisher. But it goes way beyond that. That’s why we decided to write an article on emergency tools every car owner should have. Having a handful of car emergency tools is what determines how soon you’ll get back on the road, and how many hours you’ll have to remain stranded on the road side.

Before I go further, let me share my experience. I embarked on a trip from Kaduna to Abuja, before I was done with what took me there, it was evening already, the place was getting dark and I didn’t intend to spend the night in Abuja.

On my way back, almost halfway to my destination, while I was side by side with a bus, about to overtake it, I fell into a pothole that the impact killed my engine, I coasted to the side of the road, parked, came down and checked my tires, they were all OK, I went back in to start the car, it cranked but didn’t start, I tried over three times but it didn’t work, I decided not to continue so I don’t weak my battery in the process. I reached for my flashlight, opened the boot, reached for my tool box, opened the bonnet and checked the fuse boxes, maybe one of the fuses might have blown, after checking the fuses, I tried starting the car again but it didn’t start. This time I had to check the fuel supply, I noticed it wasn’t supplying fuel, I had to drop my tank, removed the fuel pump and replaced it with the spare I had in my trunk. I tried to start again but it didn’t start, this time I was confused, plus it was dark already, and no house around. I had to call someone to come and pick me up.

While waiting for him, I kept thinking, what am I getting wrong, then it occurred to me that I read something about a module, or device, programmed to cut-off fuel supply I cases of accident. I’ve seen its position in my car, and I’ve researched about its function sometimes back. I reached for its location, pressed the switch back in, I tried to start the car, this time, with one kick, the car started. I had to call my friend to abort, that my car is back on the road again.

Sometimes having all the emergency tools is not enough, but having the technical know-how on how, or where to touch when in an emergency is more important. We will be discussing about that next time in another article.

  1. Spare tire (in good condition), along with a tire jack and tire iron, because without them, you’re not going anywhere. And if your wheels require a special security key, make sure that’s always in your car too.
  2. Jumper cables, be sure to get the right gauge for your vehicle. Most people you’ll stop for help battery will tell you they don’t want to remove their battery because it may give them electrical issues, but with the help of a jumper, they wouldn’t have to.
  3. Car manual: in fact, it is very important that you have your car’s manual. Most car users in Nigeria buys used cars, so the car’s manual may not be available, not withstanding, you can download it online for a little token.
  4. First aid supply kit, I cases of injuries, first aid can be administered before getting to the nearest hospital.
  5. Seatbelt cutter and window breaker. These items should be kept in your gloves compartment, not in your trunk.
  6. Fire extinguisher
  7. Triangle
  8. Gallon of water
  9. Flashlight
  10. Towing strap
  11. Small tool kit, (screwdrivers, pliers, vise grips, adjustable wrench, tire pressure gauge, etc.)
  12. Hand towel

With the above mentioned kits, you’re sure to get back on the road sooner than later. If you wish to have some of the items listed in your emergency car tools, you can contact us, we will make arrangements for you.

Did we forget anything? Do you already have a car emergency kit? Let us know what you include in yours!

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