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Lazy people’s exercise that keeps you fit and healthy

Lazy people's exercise that keeps you fit and healthy

When it comes to exercise, or workout, talking about doing it is easier said than actually taking that step to begin. You begin to make excuses like; it’s actually cold outside, I overslept, and it’s too late for me to start. Or, I can’t afford to pay for gym. Most times beginners fall into this category, before you realize, the year is running out without you attempting to go out for at least 5mins. We’ll, here’s lazy people’s exercise that keeps you fit and healthy all day.

  1. Walk for at least 20mins a day, For those that use their car often, even if it is to buy something from a nearby store, this time you have to leave it behind, Use the legs you were given and get moving; even just 20 minutes a day will be an improvement for your health. It’s easy to fit it into your daily schedule, and won’t have you gasping for breath.
  2. You don’t have to leave your house, yes you heard me, you don’t have to leave your room before you can exercise, there are many accessible exercises and home workouts you can do from your living room, that won’t require you to make the commute to the gym. Do some tricep dips and some lunges, and work those abs – all from the comfort of your own home.
  3. Stop circling parking lots and fighting for the closest spot. Park a little bit farther away from the office or mall, and walk. You’ll not only increase fitness, you’ll decrease stress.
  4. Create a party mix playlist, like they say, music is the food for the soul, it gives us the extra push we need when exercising. So take the time to create a few playlists filled with songs – songs that athletes play when they’re walking out – that you know will get you going, and plug in your earphones every time you need the extra push.
  5. 10 push ups and sit ups. Try to do just 10 push ups and sit ups daily. “A lot of people have this ‘it has to be all or nothing’ mentality in their head,”  If you can do just 10 push-ups and 10 sit-ups a day, it will help build up your strength and endurance so that you’ll be easily doing more in no time.”
  6. Have someone that is motivated to exercise with, yes, sometimes when we have someone who is an enthusiast as our exercise buddy, we tend to be consistent.
  7. Do some bed workout. The urge to lie in bed all day is extremely real. But, that won’t be a problem because you can easily do quick exercises in the comfort of your warm cosy bed. Try sit-ups or butterfly kicks before getting out of bed in the morning or after your afternoon nap. Although this won’t burn tons of calories, it’ll contribute overall to a more active lifestyle. Lazing around in bed has never been more productive.
  8. buy exercise clothes and shoes that fits. It may be a no-brainer, but owning workout clothes you love will make you want to wear them, which will only help motivate you to get active.

This is just a few of the exercises you can do from the comfort of your home to keep fit.

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