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Music Videos of 2019

Music videos of 2019 Grace VanderWaal – “Stray”

best music video of 2019?

Grace VanderWaal the teenage singer/song writer released a song video titled “stray”. Music videos of 2019

The 16 years old girl was former America’s got talent champion who stormed the world with this new musical video in which she was seen riding a bicycle bear footed and blind folded.

she said her stunt is meant to be symbolic and embody “that personality of taking risks and not knowing what I’m gonna do,” she says. In reality, “if you zoom into my face, I was low-key petrified. I saw a very little slit of road in front of me, a terribly, bumpy desert road.”

Her first movie is slated to arrive Disney streaming platform this year

music videos of 2019
Grace VanderWaal’s new music video for moody tune “Stray” has her singing on the desert, and also bike-riding with a blindfold. (Photo: Daria Kobayashi)

Q: Your new song “Stray” has lyrics about longing “to feel the way I used to” and wanting to “write a song” and “feel my words.” Does it have anything to do with writers’ block?

VanderWaal: When I was on tour, I wrote many songs, definitely enough to have a very short EP. But they were all off. And I was afraid that I was losing that thing, you know? So that’s why I mention writing in the song. I want to be able to write again, the way I used to.

Q: Since writing “Stray,” do you feel like your songwriting mojo is back?

VanderWaal: Since (“Stray”) I’ve written! There’s lots of plans for more music. I’ve been focusing on school, which means more time to write songs and more material to write songs about.

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